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New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Anglers Survey

To Help Determine the Future of Striped Bass

Belmar, NJ, Oct. 22, 2014 – The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (CF) (, an alliance of influential conservation organizations representing saltwater and freshwater fishing, hunting, diving, animal welfare, forestry, and the stewardship of natural resources, recently conducted a survey of 904 anglers to solicit their opinions on what should be done about the future of striped bass.

“Respondents were asked to comment on a draft proposal put forth by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) to possibly amend the current standards for managing striped bass stocks,” explains Anthony P. Mauro, Sr, Chairman of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (NJOA). “All of the responders to this survey expressed a variety of opinions, but a review of the results reveals that most anglers agree on both the survey questions and the various options provided by the ASMFC. The results of this survey, which have not yet been released to the general public, have been forwarded to the ASMFC and to New Jersey’s Bureau of Marine Fisheries to assist both agencies in arriving at decisions that improve and maintain the health of this valuable species of game fish.”

The next step in the decision making process will be a meeting of the ASMFC on October 29th in Mystic, Connecticut to review all of the input on striped bass that it has received from the public, including the NJOA (CF) anglers survey, and then make decisions on the best course of action for the resource. This will include possibly adopting new reference points that will directly affect the duration of the season(s) that striped bass can be harvested as well as the size and bag limit of the fish. Once this step has been completed, New Jersey’s Marine Fisheries Council will provide a list of options specifying the various seasons that striped bass can be caught, the same way they do for fluke seasons.

As soon as these options from NJ’s Marine Fisheries become available, the NJOA (CF) will distribute a follow-up survey to solicit additional input from anglers. This information will assist in determining the options most anglers prefer.

“One of the many benefits of NJOA honorary membership is that any member who cannot attend the public hearings that will be held on these options because of scheduling conflicts will have an opportunity to make their opinions heard on the season(s) and bag and size limits,” says Mauro. “The follow-up NJOA survey will be conducted after the ASMFC has its October 29th meeting and the State of New Jersey has time to review its impact and develop an implementation plan.”

The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance is comprised of three non-profit organizations: NJOA Conservation Foundation (, NJOA Environmental Projects and NJOA (PAC). The mission of the group of New Jersey Outdoor Alliance non-profits is to serve as a grassroots coalition of outdoorsmen and women dedicated to environmental stewardship.

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects is a charity designed to improve the health of both land and sea by means of conservation and habitat stewardship. The organization works with scientists, biologists, foresters, conservationists and others with an interest in habitat health and restoration in an effort to support native fish and wildlife species.

The mission of NJOA (PAC) is to support outdoor-minded legislators who are dedicated to the conservation of natural resources in New Jersey. These legislators may include the Governor, Members of the Assembly and State Senators.

For more information about the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance and the many benefits of honorary membership, please visit the following website:

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