The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Environmental Projects (NJOA-EP) in conjunction with the Jersey Shore Council, Boy Scouts of America, is proud to announce the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Eagle Scout Award of Excellence in Conservation. This awards program will allow Eagle Scouts to design, plan, implement and complete conservation projects that benefit fish, wildlife or the environment of New Jersey.

Eagle Scouts interested in the program can get more information by going the NJOA web site,, and navigating to Environmental Projects. Applications for the program can be either down loaded from the web site or obtained from their Scoutmaster. The program will be limited to a total of ten participants for the first year in order to gauge the effectiveness of the program.

The NJOA-EP will provide, on its web site, a list of conservation organizations and wildlife agencies along with a contact person for each agency. It will be the responsibility of program participants to contact these agencies to determine if they have any available projects. Participants are not limited to the list of agencies provided and should feel free to contact local County and Municipal agencies for possible projects. Scouts may also design a project of their own and contact agencies to see if they would be interested in allowing the project to be completed on their properties.

Completed project outlines will be submitted to both the NJOA-EP and the local Scoutmaster for review before they are accepted into the program. Once accepted it is the responsibility of the participant to take steps necessary to complete the project. Once the NJOA-EP is notified by the participants Scoutmaster that the project is complete they will contact the agency receiving the benefit of the project to determine that all aspects in the outline have been successfully completed. Once the project has been certified as complete by both the Scoutmaster and the NJOA-EP the Eagle Scout will receive a framed certificate from the NJOA-EP

Download the application here!