NJOA Endorses Jack Ciattarelli in New Jersey Governor’s Race

NJOA calls to “Back Jack, fire Murphy”

The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance on Thursday released a statement
announcing a unanimous vote to support Jack Ciattarelli for Governor.
“After being minimized and ignored for four years, after standing by
and watching our state’s forests and wildlife resources managed by
politics not science it’s time for a change.” Said Ed Markowski, “Jack
epitomizes what our state needs in a leader. As Governor he will
embrace all segments of our population and give everyone a seat at the
table. Four years ago, the sportsmen and legal firearms owners’ lack of
participation resulted in what we have today. Now, we unite to give a
full-throated endorsement and commit what resources we have to back
Jack Ciattarelli and fire Phil Murphy for the good of our natural
resources and critical sporting traditions in the Garden State.”

Click NJOA Endorsment Announcement to download the official announcement.