A Call to Action – NJ Assembly Bill A-1365

Sportsmen and Women Of New Jersey

Assembly Bill A-1365 has been released from Committee.  This website includes information that will give you background information to help you formulate your talking points when you make your calls or meet with your district legislators.  We have forty legislative districts in New Jersey with a Senator and two Assembly people in each district.  We must make sure that every district has the correct information about the bill.  As I have stated many times, “the truth never changes and is very easy to defend.”

The two short white papers along with a copy of the final bill that came out of committee is posted at the NJOA (https://njoutdooralliance.org) web site.  Before you make your calls or set up your meetings, please download and review these documents.

Saturday June 26th 2021, our good friend Tom P., Rack and Fin Radio, gave us air time to explain the background behind A-1365 and answer a lot of questions dealing with our position on the bill.  If you missed the Saturday broadcast you can listen to a recorded edition of the show on line.  Just google Rack and Fin Radio WPG 95.5 FM 1450 AM and we are on the second half of the show.  As always, a big thanks to Tom P. for giving the sportsmen a voice.

A-1365 Fact Sheet

Coyote Attacks in New Jersey

A-1365 Amendments