NJOA Calls Out Holmdel Township For Anti-Hunting Ordinance

The NJOA was published in the state’s leading conservative blog today admonishing the Township Committee of Holmdel for their anti-hunting ordinance.

Hunters Are Not The Enemy 

Any way you slice it or dice it hunters, fishermen and trappers are the greatest force for ecological good in our State and Nation. Conservation efforts funded by hunters allow for the preservation of hundreds of millions of acres of public land for all to enjoy – especially the conservationists who get up at the crack of dawn and spend their hard-earned paychecks to pursue the wildlife that we love.

Nobody – animal rights activist, government official, or otherwise – cares more about the wild places, wild things and safe communities in this country more than the American Sportsman – and it is because of that reason that Holmdel Township Committee’s scapegoating of hunters is just bad policy.

This is exactly the type of anti-hunting NIMBY protectionism that the NJOA continues to fight hard and proud against – and NJOA’s team is working every day to keep up the pressure to advocate for New Jersey’s 1.2 million sportsmen and women.

Read the full op-ed: https://savejersey.com/2018/08/holmdel-township-hunting-new-jersey/