MUST READ: John Rogalo’s Interview with NJ 101.5 About The Bear Hunt

The anti’s are at it again, spreading misinformation and fear to make sportsmen look bad.

Luckily, we have articulate advocates like NJOA Trustee John Rogalo in the mix to set them straight. Here’s an excerpt from his interview alongside an anti-hunting extremist:

John Rogalo, the northern region vice president of the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, said the number of serious bear complaints is rising, even with a bear hunt every year, because in New Jersey we have “probably the densest black bear population that’s recorded in all of North America.”

He added black bears in Jersey also have the highest reproductive rates in North America, nearly three cubs per litter.

“We have slowed that curve down but that population is still growing, and when you have more bears on the ground, the negative interactions are more likely to occur,” he said.

Rogalo insisted “if we didn’t have a bear hunt that number would skyrocket. It is necessary.”

There you have it, from one of the foremost experts on sportsmen’s issues in the entire state of New Jersey!

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