Wharton M.A.P suspended indefinitely and to start with a blank slate

On behalf of NJOA CF council members, and the many outdoors stakeholders represented by these organizations, I am pleased to share a letter from Commissioner Bob Martin, clarifying the position and direction of the D.E.P. regarding the Wharton State Forest Motorized Access Plan (M.A.P.).
While NJOA agrees with the goal of the M.A.P., including the protection of environmentally sensitive areas and the need to ensure public safety, we felt that the implementation of the M.A.P. required broader input from stakeholders and the general public in order to equitably address several issues, which include: public access, public safety, and environmental stewardship.

We believe Commissioner Martin’s letter demonstrates a shared concern. It also helps to clear up any confusion surrounding the implementation of the M.A.P., and shows a balanced and comprehensive approach towards achieving the stated goal of the M.A.P.

We’re also confident that the approach outlined in the letter can be used successfully in future M.A.P. rollouts. Our thanks go to Commissioner Martin, his staff, and to all stakeholders who have shown their commitment to a successful M.A.P.

NJOA will continue to provide updates regarding the implementation of the Wharton State Forest M.A.P.