Survey on Draft Addendum IV for Striped Bass (closed)

The officers of the NJOA would like to thank everyone who responded to this survey. It has been closed.

We tabulated responses prior to the close of public comment on 9/30/14. We did leave the survey open for just a few days and are currently re-tabulating the results and considering the many comments shared. Stay tuned . . . .

The Atlantic States Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) has developed Draft Addendum IV to Amendment 6 for the management of striped bass that proposes new reference points and management options to reduce fishing mortality over the next one to three years for both recreational and commercial fisheries. There are public hearings in progress hosted by the ASMFC to get opinions of anglers on this addendum, and anglers at these hearings have voiced different viewpoints and are divided on this addendum. On one side, many anglers to not want any changes to striped bass regulations (2 fish at 28 inches or more) since the addendum clearly states that striped bass is not overfished and overfishing is not occurring, so wy change it. There is also concern that changing the regulations to allow the catching of one bass would be very damaging to the charter/party boat/tackle shops and related industries. On the other side of this issue, many anglers are concerned that even if the stocks are not presently in trouble, they are in decline and will be by 2017, especially because of the loss of big females that are prolific breeders. So, we have to do something now before it is too late. The new striped bass regulations, if adopted and approved, would take effect in 2015.

The NJOA wants to receive your input on Draft Addendum IV so that the NJOA can possibly take a position on this complex issue. The Addendum has a total of 31 pages and it contains multiple tables and graphs that does not lend itself easily to a survey format. Consequently, this survey focuses only a few key issues for feedback to make this survey less time consuming and easy to complete. It does not go into detailed questions concerning commercial fisheries options or other information, but just what you recreational anglers want to hae in place for striped bass regulations starting in 2015.

To download the entire Draft Addendum IV to receive very detailed information, visit this link:

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